“How To Sell My Kidney” and Less Harmful Ways To Make Money Online

Stop right there! DON’T MOVE! I never thought I’d have to say this, but since this very afternoon, I know better. Let me put it out there: “Do NOT sell your kidney!” – Okay?

Saying that may sound a “little bit” overprotective, but if you came to this blogpost through a google search, chances are that you typed “how to sell my kidney” into the google search bar, and in THAT particular case it’s probably worth to make one thing crystal clear: You have better options than to sell your kidney!

Still here? With both of your kidneys? Awesome! Want to learn what your options are? Great! We’ll get to that in a minute!

To all of you who came here on a different path, let me say: Congratulations! You are NOT one of the (at least) 152 people who try to sell their kidneys online every single month. That’s a pretty reasonable decision you made there, pal! Now, if you are wondering where this is going and what this whole kidney-sale-thing is about: Please let me explain!

Kidneys and Keywords

How To Sell My Kidney - Alphabet Soup
I was shocked by what I found when I typed “how to sell…” into Jaaxy

Here’s what happened: Part of my daily routine as a blogger and as someone who earns money on the internet by providing (hopefully) helpful information to people like YOU, is to do some keyword research to get inspiration for my blogging activities.

Keywords are, simply put, phrases that people type into search engines in order to find relevant content on the internet. So if you have ever done a google, bing, or duckduckgo search, you have already used keywords in the past. Chances are you just didn’t know 🙂

For content creators like myself (bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.) keywords are super important. They give us a feeling for what is relevant to the people we create our content for, and what isn’t. What people are searching for on the internet and how many other content creators have already written, blogged, or podcasted about. It gives us a feeling of what is trending and also the competition (in terms of search results) we are up against.

Keyword Research Can Be Crazy

I use different methods for my daily keyword routine: Usually, I Iike to start using google instant and a technique called alphabet soup to get some inspiration and ideas for further research, and then take a deep dive into the individual keyword opportunities I found with the keyword research tool Jaaxy.

This morning, however, I was a bit lazy and started with Jaaxy right away. I typed “how to sell” into the keyword search bar and clicked “Find Keywords”. I wanted to find out what people are trying to learn about when they type “how to sell” into search engines, i.e. what they want to sell. Jaaxy usually comes up with a nice mix, that isn’t as extensive as the alphabet soup approach (which Jaaxy also offers in a separate “mode”, so to speak), but then again you get a nice birds-eye view with one click of a button and at first glance. So why not, I figured.

What I found, was shocking!

How To Sell My Kidney - Jaaxy Keyword Research Results
152 people are researching how to sell their kidneys. Every single month!

Did you know that 152 people, each and every month, are so incredibly desperate looking for money that they want to learn how they can sell their kidneys? Every single month!? Not counting the other 330 that type “how to sell kidney” and the countless others that most likely type some other combination (“selling kidney” etc.).

And even worse, did you know that search engines do not only record those 152 searches, they have also crawled 29 websites that, in some form or the other, answer this dangerous question.

That is… terrifying! How desperate does a person have to be to think about selling their kidney? Yes, I know, there may be other motivations involved than making money, like maybe helping others. But look: If that was the case, a person would most likely search for “how to donate my kidney” and not for “how to sell my kidney”, right? If someone is looking for that, it is a pretty safe bet to say that he or she is in desperate need of money and will probably do ANYTHING to get it. Thinking about that made me so incredibly sad.

Is This Just a Bad Joke?

How To Sell My Kidney - Not A Bad Joke
As it seems, this isn’t a bad joke: Real people are trying to sell their very real kidneys on the internet!

First I thought: Well, maybe there is some sort of English saying that includes this term. I’m not a native speaker and therefore I sometimes miss these fine nuances in language and culture.

But I couldn’t find any references. Instead, when I googled “how to sell my kidney” myself I was shocked by what I found.


Because… well, I found exactly what I expected. Tons of people who offer their kidney for cash or that want to learn how they can do it. And remember: We are not talking about the darknet here. This is the public internet, folks!

And then I see others that answer them in great detail, like here on quora.com. Just by reading that one answer, I felt my stomach turn for obvious reasons:

“You are completely on your own, and I’m pretty sure that any surgeon crooked enough to do something like this, will probably rather let you die and run with the kidney if anything goes wrong, rather than save you and let you come after him afterwards.”


“No, I think it’s a terrible idea.”

Yeah, I agree!

Off on a Tangent

And here I am. Off on a tangent. When I got up this very morning, my plan was to research something about how to sell stuff online and compile some kind of guide for other entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Instead, I am sitting here in a state of shock and awe, trying to understand what the heck is going on. My plan for the day was to write something encouraging (which I hope I can still turn this post into), but instead, I am putting together this “manifesto” trying to convince people not to sell their kidneys and do something meaningful with their precious lives instead.

All because I did some keyword research (and that’s a new type of inspiration from doing that, even for me)!

SO PLEASE! If selling your kidney is something that YOU are seriously considering: You have other options! Hear me out!!!

Your Options

I understand that you may have good reasons to type “how to sell my kidney” into a search engine: Maybe you are completely broke and in desperate need of money. Maybe you are just a good guy and want to help others. In both cases, selling your kidney or anything other that is attached to your body or simply near and dear to your heart is just a terrible, terrible idea!

First – GET HELP!

How To Sell My Kidney - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Please get help and don’t try to tackle this by yourself!

If you are really thinking about doing harm to yourself or your family please make sure to reach out to someone and TALK!

Don’t try to push through this all by yourself. I can’t stress this enough. Talk to a friend, or if you feel all by yourself, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at


These guys are professionals and they will offer you a helping hand. Even if you are “just” thinking about selling your kidney!

Second – The Worst Path To Making Money

If you are in desperate need of money, selling parts of your body and/or your dignity as a human being is not an option! Not even as a very last resort. Don’t ever consider it, not even for a second.

I’m not implying that your situation isn’t serious. I bet it is! Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here. But: There’s always a better option! Here are just some thoughts, nothing comprehensive, but maybe something to get you thinking:

  • Talk to friends and family, ask them for help
  • If you have no friends, talk to literally ANYBODY!
  • If you can’t think of anyone from the top of your head, send ME a message right here and now!
  • Start fresh! Build something. I know, that’s a long shot, but listen: YOU have a story to tell. You have knowledge to share! No matter the situation. You can build something, a business that can earn you money consistently, around helping others with what life has taught you!!! YOU ARE VALUABLE! And I’m not talking about your kidney here.
How To Sell My Kidney - Dead End
Don’t go down that path. It’s a dead-end, quite literally!

Third – Better Ways To Help

If your motivation is to help others, selling your kidney is the absolute WORST option to do so. Don’t get me wrong: DONATING your kidney legally and in an ethical way is a different story. Personally, I have a good friend who was fortunate enough to donate one of his kidneys to his sister and saved her life in doing so! That’s incredible!!!

But selling your kidney!? There are much, much better ways to help others. Even if you’re out there, convinced your not worth it: YOUR story is worth to be told. There are hundreds of thousands of people who can learn tons from YOUR journey!


There we are, back to my third bullet point above:

Your value is NOT limited to your kidney or your body or your dignity.

Your value is in helping others and sharing your story. And you can learn how to do that and get your message out to the right people who NEED to hear it. Online, without any money down! The way to do that would be to start a blog, a podcast, or if you are more outgoing, a youtube channel.

Does that sound like something you would want to do? Even if not: Does it sound better than selling your kidney?

If the answer is YES (Spoiler Alert: the answer is YES!!!) and you want to learn how to do it, and even learn how to make money with it, make sure to read my breakdown on building a business around blogging (when published) or my review of Wealthy Affiliate, where you will learn step by step how to create your very own blog (and business) online.

I guess my message is:

Don’t give yourself up! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Don’t sell your kidney, don’t destroy your life.

Start fresh!

When wrapping up my articles I would usually write something like: “If you have anything to add to this story, please let me know in the comments below.” This time around, this is more important than ever before. Please share your story, reach out, and let us talk!

You’re not alone!


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6 thoughts on ““How To Sell My Kidney” and Less Harmful Ways To Make Money Online

  1. Randi says:

    I love this post. You are very frank about what happened, and that’s something that is missing a lot of times in today’s world. Thank you for doing this post. Even if it only helps one person, you’ve potentially saved a life, and that’s worth more than any commission could ever be. Thank you again, and keep up the great work!

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Randi and thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you took the time to leave a comment!

      I was thinking a lot about whether this is a post I should be writing, but then I decided to go for that, exactly because of what you mentioned above. If just one person who is thinking about throwing his or her life away by doing something incredibly desperate stumbles across this blog, writing it was time well spent. Love your comment! Thanks for the encouraging words.

      All the best to you and your loved ones.


  2. Hannie says:

    Hey Chris, what a wonderful post! I was intrigued by your title. Combined with the fact that our friend’s son was attacked a couple of months ago with a knife in his back, thus losing one of his kidneys, was enough to be curious where this was heading.

    I really love your approach. So endearing and empathetic. You truly get across the message that you want to help people. Even people you don’t know. I salute you for that.

    Imagine someone who did sell his or her kidney, or donated it, or has a disease causing one of the kidneys to malfunction, and then get a knife in your back. The thought alone makes me cringe.

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you much for sharing your thoughts, Hannie. What a terrible attack your friend’s son had to go through. I’m shocked! I hope he is doing well!!! However, I’m glad you enjoyed my article and my approach 🙂 It was a special article for me as well, and something new for me to try. I wish you and your family all the best. And if you have the chance: Say hello to your friend’s son. I wish him the best! Regards, Chris

  3. Darcy says:

    This is a fantastic article! The title got my attention immediately. I have been making money online (in different ways) for so long that I forgot all the harmful ways to make money there are out there. I pray that no one is doing harm to themselves in order to put food on the table. With the help of your article though, I’m sure many people will be comforted/saved and earning money the safe way!

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Darcy and thanks for stopping by. Glad you made it here 🙂

      Yeah, as Randi said in his comment: “Even if it only helps one person, you’ve potentially saved a life, and that’s worth more than any commission could ever be.” – Usually I hope for my content to rank because that ultimately leads to traffic on my blog, yet in this case, my motivation really is a different one. I hope someday, someone will read it and turn around for a brighter future!

      Much love and all the best,


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